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Carbon Equivalent Meter Cup (Thermal Analysis Cup) for Casting Industry Analysis
•International standard specification.
•Japan-imported couple wire.
•High accuracy, rapid reaction, reliability, stability, smooth cooling curve and good reproductivity.
•Sold to Japan, Korea, Thailand, Malaysia, Taiwan etc.
SPG-cup for Stove-front Molten Iron Quality Management Meter
same like carbon cup, but without tellurium coating inside. test the molten iron nodularity (rate of spheroidization) for stove-front molten iron quality management meter.
Square Carbon Cup for CE-Meter (Carbon and Silicon Analyzer)
The square expendable carbon cup is for determining the Carbon equivalent, % Carbon and % Silicon in molten iron by using the principle of thermal analysis.
Carbon Equivalent Meter - CE Meter - Stove Front Molten Iron Quality Management Meter
The thermal analysis of quality of molten iron take iron ladle into the sample cup in specific thermal conditions, the thermal analyzer first record within the next sample cup of hot metal solidification temperature curve.
Oxygen Probe Receptacle to connect the oxygen cell in steel-making process
Oxygen Probe or sensor consists of an oxygen cell and a molten steel temperature sensor.
Coal-Based Activated Carbon for Water Purification
High quality anthracite coal carbon powder is the raw material for this activated carbon filter, adopt advanced refining and processing technology. The appearance is cylindrical black particle. It is widely used in purification, separation and purificatio
Activated Alumina for Gas and Water Adsorption, Defluoridation
The activated alumina of KIN has a large capacity of absorption, high surface area, high strength and thermal stability. It can be widely used as an absorbent, desiccant and catalyst carrier in chemical, petrochemical, fertilizer, oil and gas industry.
Activated Carbon (Activated Carbon Filter for Water and Air treatment)
Our activated carbon filter has large surface area and strong absorption. It can be used for desulfurization, debenzolization, deodorization and decolourization, also used in selective absorption and elimination of some chemical or mechanical impurities i
Inert Ceramic Ball as a support and a covering material in reactors in oil refinery
Our inert ceramic ball have the advantages of high strength, high stabilities to chemical and thermal circumstances. It can resistant to acid, alkali, salt and all organic solvents. Being used as a support and a covering material in reactors in oil refine
Grinding Ceramic Ball sed in ball mills as abrasive media for ceramic raw materials and glaze materials
Our alumina grinding ceramic ball been widely used in ball mills as abrasive media for ceramic raw materials and glaze materials in ceramic factories, cement factories, enamel factories and glass work.
Ceramic Honeycomb Substrate for Gasoline Engine Exhausted Gas Treatment System
Our ceramic honeycomb substrate is used in a variety of catalytic convertor applications to help vehicle manufacturers to meet emission regulations.
Diesel Particulate Filter for Diesel Egine
The diesel particulate filter is able to filter 80% carbon smoke particulate from diesel engine. comply with national standard.
With increasing appearance of diesel engine automobile, the particulate from emission, mainly carbon, enhances the pollution t
Carbon Cup Holder (Front Part) to Connect cup and CE-Meter
Carbon Cup Holder (front part) is the connector between carbon cup and CE-Meter, is CE-Meter accessory.
Carbon Cup Holder (Full Part) to Connect Carbon Cup and Carbon Analyzer
the holder of carbon cup, connect carbon cup and CE-Meter.
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