Carbon Cup Holder (Full Part) to Connect Carbon Cup and Carbon Analyzer

the holder of carbon cup, connect carbon cup and CE-Meter.
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the holder of carbon cup, connect carbon cup and CE-Meter. 
the cable between holder and CE-Meter: 15m. can be changed according your requirement.

Carbon Equivalent Meter Cup (Thermal Analysis Cup) for Casting Industry Analysis
•International standard specification.
•Japan-imported couple wire.
•High accuracy, rapid reaction, reliability, stability, smooth cooling curve and good reproductivity.
•Sold to Japan, Korea, Thailand, Malaysia, Taiwan etc.
SPG-cup for Stove-front Molten Iron Quality Management Meter
same like carbon cup, but without tellurium coating inside. test the molten iron nodularity (rate of spheroidization) for stove-front molten iron quality management meter.
Square Carbon Cup for CE-Meter (Carbon and Silicon Analyzer)
The square expendable carbon cup is for determining the Carbon equivalent, % Carbon and % Silicon in molten iron by using the principle of thermal analysis.
Carbon Cup Holder (Front Part) to Connect cup and CE-Meter
Carbon Cup Holder (front part) is the connector between carbon cup and CE-Meter, is CE-Meter accessory.