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Casting Thermal Analysis

Thermocouple receptacle to connect thermocouple and thermometer
Thermocouple receptacle is the connector between thermocouple and thermometer. there are several kinds of receptacle as like below according different shape and size.
R Thermocouple with Refractory Cotton and Paper Cap work 6 to 8 times per pieces
R thermocouple with refractory cotton and paper cap is the consumable accessory of portable thermometer and wireless thermometer.
Disposable Thermocouple for Casting Temperature Testing with fast and stable reaction
High accuracy R type thermocouple is the consumable accessory of portable thermometer and wireless thermometer.
Thermocouple types R with Refractory Cotton with Fast and Stable Reaction
Application: Used as the front part of thermometer which test temperature of metal liquid like steel, iron.
1. World standard thread, which is the "heart" of thermocouple tip even whole thermometer.
2. Excellent precision. Within 1.5 degree
Wireless Thermometer for Casting Industry to Measure Molten Metal Temperature
Wireless Thermal Measurement System adopts portable digital thermometer as signal gathering and sending part to transfer the value to receiver (large screen display, wireless printer) within 100 meters by radio wave to carry on recording and displaying.
Portable Thermometer - Temperature Gun for Casting Industry
Portable Thermometer is made with integration of thermal bar and display to avoid limitation of sensor and display part's cable towards thermal distance with rapid speed of data gathering, it improves application times of thermocouple of consuming type.
Carbon Equivalent Meter Cup (Thermal Analysis Cup) for Casting Industry Analysis
•International standard specification.
•Japan-imported couple wire.
•High accuracy, rapid reaction, reliability, stability, smooth cooling curve and good reproductivity.
•Sold to Japan, Korea, Thailand, Malaysia, Taiwan etc.
SPG-cup for Stove-front Molten Iron Quality Management Meter
same like carbon cup, but without tellurium coating inside. test the molten iron nodularity (rate of spheroidization) for stove-front molten iron quality management meter.
Square Carbon Cup for CE-Meter (Carbon and Silicon Analyzer)
The square expendable carbon cup is for determining the Carbon equivalent, % Carbon and % Silicon in molten iron by using the principle of thermal analysis.
Carbon Equivalent Meter - CE Meter - Stove Front Molten Iron Quality Management Meter
The thermal analysis of quality of molten iron take iron ladle into the sample cup in specific thermal conditions, the thermal analyzer first record within the next sample cup of hot metal solidification temperature curve.
Oxygen Probe Receptacle to connect the oxygen cell in steel-making process
Oxygen Probe or sensor consists of an oxygen cell and a molten steel temperature sensor.
Carbon Cup Holder (Front Part) to Connect cup and CE-Meter
Carbon Cup Holder (front part) is the connector between carbon cup and CE-Meter, is CE-Meter accessory.
Carbon Cup Holder (Full Part) to Connect Carbon Cup and Carbon Analyzer
the holder of carbon cup, connect carbon cup and CE-Meter.