Iron filter for casting industry to improve casting product quality

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Update time : 2016-07-20 14:43:03

previously the casting product have some flaw like spot, crevice,etc. it can not been used for high standard requirement, like auto piston. among the modern technology development, more and more high quality product been needed, that's the iron filter can play. iron filter for casting industry means to use a filter to remove impurities from molten iron in casting industry, then help to improve the casting product quality effectively. 

our company produce three kinds of iron filter - ceramic foam filter, high silica fiberglass mesh filter and ceramic honeycomb filter. 

high silica fiberglass mesh filter is the first generation filter, it have low cost, can remove big impurities which size is bigger than the hole. 

ceramic honeycomb filter is the second generation filter, it have straight hole can remove big impurities which size is bigger than the hole too, compare to high silica fiberglass mesh filter, it's more thicker and stronger,can resistant long time in molten iron. 

ceramic foam filter is the third and latest generation filter, it's been made by specific procedures and have peculiar bone-frame holes just like the shape of foam (Called three-dimensional connected channel) and myriad eyelets which only been found in big times microscope. Compare to similar ones, our products have many advantages as below:

·--Stable chemical composition

·--Excellent strength

·--Resistant to high temperature

·--Calm down of the turbulent flow of metal nicely

·--big /m3 (surface area)

·--Superior dimensional tolerances

so the ceramic foam filter is the best iron filter, can improve casting product quality more effectively.