Molten Aluminum Ceramic Foam Filter in Casting Industry

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Update time : 2016-07-31 10:50:38

molten aluminum ceramic foam filter are mainly used in the production of aluminum and aluminum purification process. As for aluminum products increasingly demanding high quality ceramic filter plate applications will be more extensive. Our molten aluminum ceramic filter plate is to hire top research talent domestic counterparts, using a number of well-known foreign companies formulations and processes. The introduction of foreign advanced production equipment and some raw materials from well-developed. Fully meet or exceed the performance level of similar foreign products.

*molten aluminum ceramic filter plate can effectively eradicate bulk liquid aluminum inclusions .
*molten aluminum ceramic filter plate can be removed in the conventional process of molten aluminum powerless few microns size small inclusions. Simultaneously since the filter to filter out the small clip board material, reducing the number of effective liquid aluminum nuclei, so that liquid aluminum cold conditions in the larger swells nucleation, coagulation time shortened, organizations have been refined.
*Reduce the gas content in liquid aluminum. gas can be adsorbed on some oxide inclusions, mixed oxide core can be grown into bubbles, inclusions and therefore also filtered its removal gas on.