SIC Ceramic Foam Filter for Iron casting

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Update time : 2016-12-01 09:23:25
The material of the sic ceramic foam filter is silicon carbide. It is mainly used for purification process of malleable cast-iron, nodular cast iron and gray iron production as molten iron filter.
Ceramic foam filter have the characters of light, high strength, large specific surface area, high porosity, excellent heat resistance and chemical corrosion resistance. With the distributing pores net structure, they are able to increase the surface area, and absorb the thin waste, so the liquid metal can be molding safety, reducing the reject probability of moldings and divide from that quality problem such as waste pore, sand pore and air pore. So that ceramic foam filter are widely applied in the plant of nonferrous metal casting such as the casting of steel, iron, copper and aluminum.
Technical Data Sheet
Pore density 10-60 ppi
Porosity 80~90%
Working Temperature ≤1500°C
Thermal Shock Resistance 6 times/1100°C
Compression Strength ≥0.9 Mpa
Bending strength ≥0.8 Mpa
Volume weight 0.35-0.5g/cm3
Application Malleable cast-iron, Nodular cast iron,
Gray iron and other iron casting
  1. Decontaminate the melting metal liquid
  2. Simplified gating system
  3. Improve the metallurgical structure of the castings
  4. Reduce imparities of the castings
  5. Improve casting quality rate
  6. Reduce casting internal re-oxidation defects  
  7. Reduce the surface defects after machining of the castings
Guide of Choosing Ceramic Foam Filter:
It’s very important to choose and design filter model & filter seat correctly according to casting types and pouring weight. The general principle is that the whole gating system should be a system without pressure to ensure that the molten metal liquid filling mould smoothly. Ratio of the sectional area will be the main point.
F sprue:F filter front-end:F filter back-end:F runner:F ingate = 1:4:1.75:1.1:1.2
Storage condition:
Store in a dry and well-ventilated place,keep out of rain and heavy weights.