Ceramic foam filter media for casting/foundry industry

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Update time : 2016-11-22 14:37:59

Ceramic Foam Filter Media is the third generation filter, compared with traditional filtering materials(ceramic honeycomb filter, extruded filter), our Ceramic Foam Filter have the advantages as below:

  1. High thermal stability, stable chemical composition in high temperature,avoid the chemical reaction with the filtered molten metal.
  2. High mechanical strength, large specific surface,efficient in purifying the metal flow.
  3. Lower the filtering head loss,easy-operating,save energy. Smooth the metal flow,avoid the spray, spatter and backset,improve the exterior quality of the casting product,prevent the pore disfigurement,reduce the inferior rate.
  4. Various size, shape and  aperture,suitable for  kinds of casting technique.

Our ceramic foam filter media gained good reputation from customers domestic and overseas. The Ceramic Foam Filter are widely used in non-ferrous metal smelt, Foundry Industrial of Copper, Aluminum Alloy as molten aluminum filter, Cast Iron as molten iron filter, Cast Steel as molten steel filter and high temperature fume separator.