Immersion Thermocouple For Casting Industry

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Update time : 2017-02-12 11:28:20

Immersion Thermocouple For Casting Industry

The thermal analysis thermocouple been used on thermal analysis temperature gun for measuring the temperature of the molten metal in the steel making industry.

The thermal analysis immersion thermocouples are with high accuracy and reliability. We can also supply sensors for any application. For example, variations in length, slag cap and thermocouple types to suit the customer's precise requirements.

a) Thermocouple Types: PtRh10-Pt; type S 
b) Model: KS-602/604 
c) Max. temperature: 1,650o
d) Tolerance: ≤± 5oC

a) Thermocouple Types: PtRh30-PtRh6;type B
b) Model: KB-602/604 
c) Max. temperature: 1,750o
d) Tolerance: ≤±5oC

a)Thermocouple Types: PtRh13-Pt;type R

b)Model: KR-602/604

c)Max. temperature:1,650 degree centigrade

d)Tolerance:≤±5 degree centigrade

a) Thermocouple Types:WRe3%/WRe25%: type KW3/25 
b) Model: KW3/25-602
c) Max. temperature: 1750
d) Tolerance: ≤ ± 5 degree centigrade