High silica fiberglass mesh filter media for casting industry

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Update time : 2017-02-21 08:22:43
High silica fiberglass casting filter mesh is treated by high-temperature resistant coating to form rigid sheets. It is used for filtering melting metal in the casting of grey cast iron and ductile cast iron as a iron filter media, and other metals. These filters will effectively remove non-metallic articales in the melt resulting in improved quality and yield of casting. The fiberglass mesh strainer has high strength both under high and normal temperature circumstance, high-flush resistance, low emit gases and good chemistry stability. The fiberglass mesh strainer is applied in metal casting for filtration purification as filter media, can make its scrap rate reduce of 50-60%. Our products is widely used in grey casting iron, ball iron, molten aluminum alloy, copper alloy and cast steel products etc..
High Silica Fiberglass Mesh Data Sheet
ITEM Molten  iron  filter Molten  steel  filter Copper alloy  filter Aluminium alloy  filter
Work temperature (º C ) 1450 1600 1200 850
Lasting working time (Minute ) 10 5 10 10
The tensile strength of  normal atmospheric temperature Kg/4 > 8 > 16 > 6 > 6
Emit the quantity of  gas (Cm³/g ) < 60 < 60 < 60 < 30
Available size
Molten iron filter 1.5×1.5mm, 2×2mm, 2.5×2.5mm
Molten steel filter 1.5×1.5mm, 2×2mm, 2.5×2.5mm