How thermal analysis temperature gun work for casting industry

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Update time : 2016-09-05 12:58:38
The thermal analysis equipment from KIN Filter Engineering Co, Limited include portable and wireless temperature gun, it’s accessory product thermocouple types R, S, B, etc, carbon equivalent meter and it’s accessory product – thermal analysis carbon cup. Today we introduce the wireless temperature gun system mainly.
Wireless Temperature Gun Measurement System for thermal analysis industry adopts portable digital thermometer as signal gathering and sending part to transfer the value to receiver (large screen display, wireless printer) within 100 meters by radio wave to carry on recording and displaying. Such  thermal analysis system is applicable for the situation featured with wide thermal range, hard cable installation but temperature record needed to facilitate data record and spot quality management.
Wireless temperature gun system specification
Equipment 1 Thermometer (Wireless)
Code TSP-203TX
Thermocouple Tip R
Test Range 0—1760
Test Precision +/- 0.1%
Distinguish Precision 1
Test Way Automatically search,
peak keep
Transfer Frequency 420 MHZ
Transfer Distance Straight Line 100M
Power Spec. 4.8V (Electrification)
Work Tem. 0—45
Work Humidity 20—80% (RH)
Color Red
Size & Weight 90×152×52mm / 1.5kg
Lance Standard 1300mm
Equipment 2 Wireless Displayer
Code TSP-A3002
Assistant Function 1 9 Channel Set Temperature
Assistant Function 2 Time show
Transfer Frequency 433 MHz
Display Way Red LED (420×140mm)
Power AC220-240V / 50W
Work Tem. 0—45
Work Humidity 20—80% (RH)
Color Black
Size & Weight 690×280×100mm / 10kg
Equipment 3 Data Recorder
Code TSP-N800
Function Moveable Recorder
Transfer Distance Sight 800m
Work Tem. -10 —50  
Work Humidity 20—80% (RH)
Power AC220-240V / 5W
Size & Weight 180×150×90mm / 1.3kg