Disposable thermocouple and temperature gun for casting industry

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Update time : 2016-08-15 10:04:02
Disposable thermocouple and temperature gun, it’s been used in steel mills, foundries and casting factories to measure the temperature of molten metal liquid. Disposable thermocouple is the consumable accessory product for temperature gun.
Application: Temperature Sensors for Molten Metal in the temperature gun.
Wire: Pt-Rh/Wre
Tip: 604/602
Rapid-response type expendable thermocouple is used in temperature gun for measuring the temperature of molten metal. It has advantage of high accuracy, rapid reaction, reliability and stability.
According the different thermocouple wire, thermocouple has four type as S,R,B,C,D Type.
Designation Type  
Using range recommended (°C) Wire diameter(mm)
PtRh10%-Pt   S KS 1760 0.05
PtRh13%-Pt   R KR 1760 0.05
PtRh30%-PtRh6%   B KB 1820 0.05
WRe5%-WRe26%   C KC(KW5/26) 1820 0.08
 WRe3%-WRe25%   D KD(KW3/25) 1820 0.08
According the different thermocouple connector, thermocouple tip can be classified as 604 and 602type.
Type Model
602(Round bottom) KR/S/B/C/D-602
604(Triangle bottom) KR/S/B/C/D-604
According the different thermocouple wire tolerance, thermocouple can be classified as common thermocouple wire(P) and precision thermocouple wire(J).
Type Model  Accuracy
P(common wire) KR/S/B/C/D-604/602P ±5°c
KC/D-604/602P ±5°c
J (precision wire) KR/S/B/C/D-604/602J ±2°c
KC/D-604/602J ---
1.Response time: less than 5 seconds.
2.Reproducbility:2°C at 1650°C
3.Probe Diameter :ID 18mm OD 30mm
4.Length: L=300~1800mm; (Description: the probe structure size can be designed according to users’ requirements.)