High temperature resistant Fiberglass Filter mesh For Casting,Iron Filter Wire Mesh

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Update time : 2016-11-01 11:00:36

High temperature resistant  Fiberglass Filter mesh as Iron Filter For Casting Iron

High temperature resistant fiberglass filter net for foundry are used for filtering and purging all kinds of matal liquid.

In the casting production like casting iron,steel, copper and aluminium etc, it is often to happen the defects, such as dreg one, sand holes , gas hole, etc for various reasons. so use our high silica fiberglass mesh filter can get rid of the nonmetal inclusion in the molten metal, improve the yield of casting, improving the quality of castings products. so it has great technology and economic worth. 

Mail products of Fiberglass Filter mesh For Casting: Molten aluminum filter, Molten steel filter, molten iron filter,molten copper filter, capstyle filtering net, etc.


Molten Fiberglass Filter mesh For Casting can be cut into any sizes to be placed under the sprue cup,lap runner surface and overlap within the runner and runner surface,then pressed with a combined box.

If use the fiberglass filter cloth together with the slag trap,it will get a better filtering effect.

Specification of Fiberglass filter mesh for casting

Size:0.6mm*0.6mm,0.8mm*0.8mm,1.0mm*1.0mm,1.2mm*1.2mm,1.5mm*1.5mm,2.0mm*2.0mm,2.5mm*2.5mm etc.