Pt-Rh Expendable Immersion Consumable Fast Thermocouple

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Update time : 2017-04-03 09:22:30
Pt-Rh Expendable Immersion Consumable Fast Thermocouple
For the measurement of higher temperatures we offer thermal analysis thermocouples with ceramic tubes, upon request with additional ceramic inner tubes. It’s been installed on the front part of thermal analysis temperature gun, then dip into the molten metal liquid to test it’s temperature during casting period.
The thermal analysis thermocouple types S & types B are insulated by a 2-hole or 4-hole insulating ceramic rod. The measuring point is laser-welded.
The thermocouple is protected against environmental influences.
We furnish all kinds of thermocouples with ceramic protective tubes at all lengths and designs.
1. Easy assembly and convenient for replacement;
2. Spring thermal parts with good shock-proof performance;
3. Wide measuring range;
4. High mechanical strength, good pressure-resistant performance.