High silica fiberglass mesh filters for molten aluminum filtration

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Update time : 2016-10-17 16:06:53
High silica fiberglass mesh filters for molten aluminum filtration are designed for the filtration of molten aluminum.The molten aluminum is very easy to be oxidated when touched with air.With the use of EFG,the pure molten aluminum is more easier to get during primary melting, foundry casting and scrap recycling.The main types can be the one without coating(white color) or with resin coating(yellow or dark brown color) and smokeless carbonzied treatment(black color).
Yarn type:Alkali free E-glass SiO2 contents:58%
Weave pattern:Leno/Plain Density weight:150-350g/m2
Width:2.10/2.0/1.50/1.15/1.0/0.95/0.93m/roll Length per roll:50-300m or as per request
Mesh size:0.8×0.8mm-2.5×2.5mm Thickness:0.18-0.35mm
Working temperature:700-800 ºC Soft Point: 900ºC
Brings down the casting rejection rate due to slag inclusions.
Cheap and cost effective,easy installation.
Do not change molten metal composition or contaminate molten aluminum.
Stay away from molten aluminum and easy to handle the aluminum scrap recycling (Fiberglass mesh can float on top of the molten metal when the metal is recycled and can be scooped out), this can greatly reduce cost.
Reduces molten metal turbulence,improves molten metal distribution and flow.
Remove oxides and inclusions to improve castings mechanical properties and surface finish.
Excellent stiffness and toughness,good impact resistance.
Mesh and grid is well organized and highly integrity.
As the first step filtration for primary smelting in casting industry
Ingate filtration for sand casting,gravity casting or low pressure die casting,etc.
As the removal plane to help riser easily to be knocked off from castings
except the fiberglass mesh filter for the molten aluminum, we also have filter for molten iron as iron filter, and molten steel filter, please don’t hesitate to contact us for your any questions.