Chinese Die Casting Industry Develop

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Update time : 2016-05-30 15:12:00

Chinese Die Casting Industry Development Summit was held at Tongzhou district ,Nantong, on Oct. 18-19 ,2015 ,hosted by China Foundry Association and organized by die casting branch of China Foundry Association, with 177 units and 240 representatives participating in it. Zhang Libo, Executive Vice President & Secretary General , attended the forum and delivered a speech.

    The following topics including how should die casting industry adapt to the national strategic development, to what extent can die casting address the contradiction between diversity and specificity of the products, how to achieve harmony among clients ,entrepreneurs and staff ,how to avoid such embarrassment that no qualified die casting workers will undertake the performance, how do Chinese die casting foundries find their way to the top 500 ones all over the globe, the panorama of the Chinese die casting industry in a decade, three decades, fifty decades, even ten decades, the symbiotic relationship between tooling and die casting machines are elaborated by professor Xiong Shoumei,general manager Zhang Guoguang, president Luo Zhengliang, president Feng Jiutu from Dongwan Hongtu Investment Casting Co., Ltd, president Song Shouchang from Dalian Yaming Auto Accessory Co., Ltd, president Tang Jiexiong from Guangdong Wencan Die Casting Co, Ltd.,who expressed their views ,meanwhile interacted with the audience ,providing enlightenment for everyone.
    The host place ,Nantong, is situated in an agreeable locality ,opposite to shanghai and by theYangtze River, which boasts an excellent industrial infrastructure . on top of that ,Nantong has become the one-hour economic circle of shanghai due to the completion of the Sutong Yangtze Bridge in 2008 and Chongqi Yangtze Bridge in 2011 . a lot of foundries in shanghai and to the south part of Yangtze River have moved to Nantong , for example, Wencan Die Casting Co., Ltd took the initiative to established its plant in Tongzhou and put into production within more than one year with considerable support from the local government, Guangdong Hongtu Technology Co,, Ltd ,the first listed die casting company in China, Guangdong Hongtai Technology Co., Ltd as well Guangdong Hongjin Alluminium Co., Ltd set up the 3- high mega plants ,namely high starting point ,high level of technology and high quality ,in the neighbourhood of Xiongbang Co., Ltd, which achieved conspicuous success .

    Those companies purchased 50- 60 advanced die casting machines and digital controlled processing centers and precise ,speedy and specific die casting techniques have been employed . in order to cater for the precision requirements by high-end brands ,say BMW, Audi, etc.,the special production lines consisting of tens of sophisticated processing centers have been used to ensure the top quality of the spare parts, manufactured and inspected in the thermostatic temperature workshop.